Lotto Lake

Lotto Lake Introduction
(A stimulus package)

Playing Powerball® twice a week (Wednesday and Saturday) is generally an exciting “what if” dream maker similar to Children’s thoughts on Christmas morning. What if it happened?  It would certainly be Christmas for a while; and, then a new life would evolve which may or may not be as wishes dreamed.

Lotto Lake is a method of playing Powerball® whereby Players pool their contributions to dramatically increase their odds and, strangely enough, increase their winnings.  The winnings are then shared in several ways that spread the wealth making Christmas dreams a wonderful reality and not a lifestyle burden.

The “lake” concept is a layered pool where several pools form and work together in a lake where the grand prize is a very big fish.  The “Fish and Game Warden” (or Lake Manager) governs this lake and makes sure everyone is legal and all catches are weighed, measured, and properly distributed.  As the fishing begins, ten players launch a boat (the pool) with their fishing guide (the Pool Manager) and will fish only with white balls as bait (power bait).  Believe it or not, the red ball scares away the fish.  It costs $35 a person to fish for one month.

Regulations – All fishing is heavily regulated by the lottery commission with one common rule that makes pooling legal – only winnings can be distributed to players and other persons.  Any fee is illegal; so, all contributions must go to purchase regulated lottery tickets or be returned to Players.  We have to catch fish to make this worthwhile.

Winnings - the fishing derby.  In this lake, every boat catches fish every time.  So, whose fish are they?  The law says Players in a pool share the prize as tenants in common.  This means everyone in the boat has a common share in the fish they catch; however, how do ten people share a $3 fish?  They do not.  In the “Lotto Lake Agreement” - your fishing license - it is agreed that all small fish go to the two Managers for simplicity and convenience.  For example, on our lake three white balls will catch a $100 win and (38 – other wins without the powerball) $7 wins – a total of $366.  It would be difficult and time consuming to get everyone’s signature on the winning allocation form to split a $100 win and then (38) $7 wins.  Consequently, the fishing derby becomes exciting only when (4) white balls catch a fish ($10,000 split 10 ways) or (5) white balls reel in the big one (the grand prize and then some).  The following should clarify this split:

Four (4) White Balls – this will catch a fish worth $1,000 to each of nine Players in the catching boat.  The tenth Player (the two Managers) will split and receive $500 each.  But wait, there is an additional (38) $100 wins if four white balls catch a fish.  Now we are back to splitting $100 ten ways (38) times – it is not worth the trouble.  Consequently, and rightfully so, this $3,800 goes to the two Managers as they are doing most of the work and only received $500 each for their 10th position.

Five (5) White Balls – will catch a very big fish.  It is worth 10% of the grand prize to each of the nine Players in the catching boat – the tenth Player (the two Mangers) will split their 10%.  The very least a catching boat Player will win in cash after discounting but before taxes is $1,000,000.  This is after the Powerball® has been reset to its lowest setting of $20,000,000.  But wait, there is more.  It seems this power bait has caught another $7,600,000 in addition to the grand prize.  This will be shared by paying $25,000 to everyone on the lake including the grand prize winners and even those standing on shore.  The balance not paid to all Players and current contributors will be split between the two Managers.  This makes everyone a winner on or around the Lake. 

The Odds – only the (4) and (5) white balls are of interest for this explanation.  It is very interesting to compare the winnings in our lake verses those played in the regular Powerball® game.  The following winnings and odds are those published on the back of the Powerball® Playtime ticket:

  Lake Powerball®
Winnings  (4) White Balls $13,800 $100
Odds are the same 1 in 19,030  
Winnings (5) White Balls
(Lowest $20m, $10.7 cash (8/1/10)
$18,300,000 $200,000
Odds are the same 1 in 5,138,133  

If you wish to play the regular Powerball® game your odds will diminish by 38 times (1 in 723,145 and 1 in 195,249,054 respectively to win) and your winnings will only be ($10,000 and $10,700,000 respectively).  In short, the Lake will improve the odds by 97.3% and increase the winnings dramatically.  This is why the “Lotto Lake” method is without a doubt the best pooling method in the United States.


Did you know that it is illegal for a US citizen to play in a foreign lottery or even be solicited by a foreign lottery?  This means only US regulated and licensed activities are “it” for those Christmas dreams.  Why not try fishing in our lake for $35 a month? Your contribution goes 100% to buying tickets and only wins are disbursed.  In the big win you will have professional help along with making some very good friends.  Even if you are not in the winning boat, you will still get $25,000. This is less than $.25 a game playing 20 numbers (20 boats in play) which is at least 160 games per month.  In addition, you have a good chance of winning the grand prize.

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